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Classic wooden windows are still of interest to many buyers, due to their price, which is lower compared to that of modern thermal insulating windows.

But there are some important things to know about them:

  1. Their major problem with wood frame windows is the inferior quality of the execution. If the wood is not well dried, treated and painted, it will deteriorate quickly. Hence, the shorter service life than that of insulating windows.
  2. Wooden windows require additional maintenance, consisting in regular application of a new layer of paint, which must be of good quality, otherwise it will peel off quickly, leaving the wood unprotected and vulnerable.
  3. However, houses with wood frame windows have a significant advantage after all, namely the natural ventilation.

Even if we tend to prefer PVC, aluminum or, more recently, fiberglass windows, we must not forget that the wood window industry has also evolved, so that now we have the opportunity to purchase quality wood frame windows that no longer have the vulnerabilities that they used to have, in the past.

Simple glass has been replaced with insulating glass, and the wooden frames are now made of laminated wood and treated properly, in order to resist the factors that affect them naturally (moisture, rot, insect attack). The life span of modern wooden windows is much longer now (up to 50 years). For many wonderful options search for a replacement windows near me in Brighton Dealer and get informed of the latest in window technology.

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