4 Reasons Why Install Double Pane Glass Windows in Your Home

Nov 21, 2019

As the season gets colder, you must take a closer look at your windows. Are they efficient in keeping cool air out and warm air in? If you’re considering updating your windows, but not sure how to do it, then this guide is for you.

This entry will show you the incredible benefits of double pane glass windows. Also why they are awesome for your home this cold season.

Why double pane glass window is perfect for your home? (Image Source: HowtoHome)

The Incredible Features & Benefits of Double Pane Glass Windows

Improved energy efficiency is probably the most notable benefit of a double pane glass window. But there’s more to this type of window than reduced energy consumption. Windows from K&G Solutions, for example, are known for their energy efficiency, aesthetics, and superior quality.

First off, it’s important to understand what a double pane window is. Also, knowing how it is different from other types of glass windows is important. Here are more reasons why you should switch to double pane windows:

The Two Panes on a Single Frame

A double-pane window or double pane window is simply a window with two panes of glass in each of its frames. Between the two glasses is a space for an air pocket.

This air pocket design prevents outside air temperature from affecting the inside temperature of your home. The glass panes are also designed to keep condensation from forming, keeping your window clear.

Improved Energy Efficiency

As said earlier, energy is the most common benefit of double glass type of window. The single-pane may initially cost less, but they can’t keep the inside of your home warm during the cold months.

This means you will have to spend extra on your electricity bill for heating your home. Experts estimate you could save 20% up to 30% on your bill annually with the dual glass window.

Designed for Storm

Unlike single-pane windows where you have to take down and replace with storm windows, the double-pane is designed for strength and durability. Notably, it has two glasses that provide better protection than one.

This means it can withstand storms, saving you from the hassles of taking down and putting back single pane and storm windows each spring. A double glass type eliminates the need for storm windows.

Noise Reduction

Why choose a double pane glass window? (Image Source: Pixabay)

Another incredible benefit of the double-pane is noise reduction. With double glass, you can eliminate outside noise in your house, giving you all the relaxation and peace of mind you need 24/7.

Also, the extra layer works in keeping internal noise in. It is applicable if you’re living in urban areas, where noise pollution is a part of daily life. Then, you need a double pane glass window.

K and G windows, for example, are designed to eliminate all sorts of outside noise, from cars, trains, airplanes, etc. Double pane glass windows won’t just improve the comfort of your home. It also improves the quality and comfort of your home.

Want to Install Double Pane Glass Windows?

Given the benefits of this type of window, make sure you hire an expert to install them for you. At K&G Solutions, you’ll have confidence about your choice knowing that we’re the windows experts in Colorado.

If you need to install this type of window, don’t hesitate to request your quote today. Feel free to call us if you have other concerns at (720) 883-1267.