6 DIY Solutions to Make Soundproof Windows at Your Home

Nov 28, 2019

Have you lost sleep due to the loud noise outside your house? Be it your neighbor’s barking dogs, trains and cars passing by, parties going down the street, etc., noise pollution can be frustrating.

While you can’t turn your neighborhood into a monastery, there are enough ways to block the bothersome outside noise. It will give you and your family that good night’s sleep. Thus, this article shall give you the best tips on how to soundproof windows.

Cover Your Windows

Tips to soundproof windows at home. (Image Source: Pixabay)

The first thing you can do is to soundproof windows is to block the windows. There are many ways to do this. If you want to completely block outside noise, you can install a fiberglass soundproof blanket.

It is neither the cheapest nor the most aesthetically-pleasing option. But it is surely one of the best soundproofing methods.

Installing Insulation Panels

One of the less expensive ways, but still quite effective method is installing insulation panels. Though still not aesthetically pleasing, insulation panels are far less expensive than fiberglass soundproof blankets. Make sure you get the exact fit for your window though so there will be no gaps.

Installing Acoustic Window Inserts

Another great alternative is installing acoustic window inserts. These are soundproofing panels that you can install yourself. To install the inserts, simply press it inside your existing window frames. Make sure you cover all the tiny gaps.

It’s an extremely effective multi-functional tool as it can block 70% of outside noise, and seal your window to help keep the cold outside temperature out, and your warm indoor temperature in. This means you can save a lot in your energy as well.

Take Care of All the Tiny Gaps

Take a closer look at your window. Chances are you will find cracks, gaps, and tiny holes between your window and the wall. Sound can pass through these gaps. To soundproof windows, fill these gaps with acoustic caulk.

If you’re situated in a high-traffic and noisy area however, this may not be enough to completely soundproof your windows. Nevertheless, it’s an inexpensive option that may filter some of the outside noise.

Use thick, sound-proofing curtains

Thick, multi-layered, and insulated curtains are specifically made to cancel outside noise. Though they can be expensive, they are quite effective for its purpose.

These curtains are also excellent in blocking out sunlight. So if you don’t like outside glare from the sun, then this is the option for you.

Choose Double Pane Glass Window

What you need to know about soundproofing your windows. (Image Source: Pixabay)

As its name suggests, a double pane glass window uses two panes of glass. It comes with a lot of benefits; it is extremely durable (designed to withstand storm), better insulation, and yes, block outside noise. It is by far the best option out there to soundproof windows.

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