6 Reasons Why Install Andersen 100 Series Single-Hung Windows for Your Home

Nov 14, 2019

If you’re in the process of revamping your home, then it must include replacing your windows. You might want to check out single-hung windows as it is functional through aesthetic reasons. But what are the benefits of using a single-hung window? Read here to learn more about why install Andersen 100 Series Single-Hung windows for your home.

Benefits of a Single-Hung Window for your Home

There are two basic types of windows used for homes right now, the double-hung and the single-hung windows. The former allows both top and bottom sashes to be opened and closed. The latter on the other hand, allows only one sash to move (usually the bottom). This means the other sash stays stationary and inoperable.

Top benefits of single-hung windows for your home. (Image Source: Andersen 100 Series Windows)

Security Reasons

Home security is something you cannot be complacent about. This is the biggest advantage of single-hung windows over their double-hung counterparts. Since only the bottom sash is moveable, the top sash is fixed and secured in its place. There is only one direction to open this type of window.

Thus, there are fewer points of failure for the window’s locking system. Andersen 100 series windows, for example, are made up of Fibrex composite material. This is twice as strong and as rigid as its vinyl counterparts in the market.

Total Durability

It also performs better when exposed to extreme environments. Also, it has an exterior that will not easily blister, fade, flake, or peel. And since there is only one lock, homeowners are less likely to forget to lock their windows once they close them.

Energy Efficiency

Since there’s only one moveable sash within single-hung windows, they’re more effective in keeping outside air from getting in. This means more energy efficiency for your home’s HVAC system. The less hot or cold air can get through your window.

Furthermore, the less time that you will spend on heating or cooling. The single-hung window is also extremely effective in keeping moisture out of your home. This will minimize the risk of mold, mildew, wood rotting, and water damage in your windowpane.


The cost differs from one manufacturer to another. However, single-hung windows are generally more affordable than their double-hung counterparts (up to 20% cheaper) since they have less moving parts.

Design Versatility

Single-hung windows come in many styles, trim, shape, and wood options. Windows from the Andersen 100 series, for example, offers a wide variety of innovative and sustainable designs to choose from. They offer windows with sleek profiles in a contemporary style.

Refined Home Look

It will contribute to the total look of your home through the clean corners for a more refined look. Plus, there are also customizable designs. You can customize the interior and exterior colors, finishes, hardware styles, trim, and grille patterns to fit your needs.

Where to Find Andersen 100 Series Windows?

Why Choose Single-Hung Windows from Andersen 100 Series Windows for Your Home? (Image Source: Andersen Windows)

Have you decided on the installation of single-hung windows for your home? For that, you can depend that Andersen 100 Series windows are the best option. At K&G Solutions, this is one of many types of windows that we have available. It is also one of our most sought-after brands. This type of window is known for its durability, performance, and ease of use.

The Andersen brand is committed to delivering the above-mentioned benefits. This type of window will provide energy efficiency, reliability, and beauty to your home. if you want to add value to your property for years to come, check out our windows services and the other brands that we offer. As of now, we can offer a wide range of window types to suit your home styles - if you are not into single-hung windows.

We can install sliding windows, bay windows, awning windows, bow windows, and casement windows, to name a few. If you are interested to see our past projects, feel free to browse our gallery of projects. Get in touch with us about your windows needs via email at customerservice@kgsolutions.co. You can also give us a call at (720) 883-1267.