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One of the main problems with doors that people have been trying to figure out for decades is how to make them strong enough to withstand intruders, but light enough so that they can be opened and also not look too rugged. The most widely used material nowadays for such doors is wood. Doors made entirely out of wood, or with the core out of wood and covered up in fiberglass or composite materials are among the best options for anyone that wants to feel in their own home. The main advantage of using a door with more materials in it is that every material has its advantages and together they make a great combination.

That’s because the wood used for the doors is very hard in order to be able to stop any intruder in his tracks. Also, using harder wood means that the door can still be thin, giving it that modern look. The woods used are also specially treated so that they can withstand any kind of damage, both mechanical and of other nature, such as infestations. Wooden doors can also be customized to look and feel like anything the client wants. So they can also be used in order to bring some color to the entire place.  Find some of the best in Andersen Windows at

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