composite or vinyl windows replacement older home right choice

Vinyl and composite are the two most common solutions when it comes to the frames used on new buildings as well as for replacement windows. However, the two options are different in many ways – here are some features you should be aware of before choosing one solution over the other:

  • Price – when it comes to pricing, nothing can beat vinyl. This synthetic material is currently the most affordable of all the materials used for making window frames.
  • Durability – composite and vinyl are both resistant and durable options, but composite windows seem to be able to stay on their buildings for longer. The average lifespan of vinyl windows is around 20-25 years, while composite frames can last for around a decade longer.
  • Energy efficiency – while most vinyl frames are hollow on the inside, composite windows are solid, which makes them stronger than vinyl frames. It also improves their ability to keep heat and cold outside, and to prevent energy from slipping from inside the home.
  • Appearance – both vinyl and composite frames come in a variety of types, styles, and colors. The range of designs seem to be somewhat more varied with composite windows. If you choose composite, your options include not only black and white, but also natural colors and textures that imitate materials such as wood. To choose the best in window options look for replacement windows near me to be sure the company is local and able to provide quality product and services.

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