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We often complain about the traffic, the loud music from the nearby restaurants, and the street’s noise, in general. However, we can avoid noise pollution by properly insulating our homes. There is talk of numerous thermal and acoustic insulation systems for walls and floors. However, most frequently, the problem is the carpentry elements because about 90% of the noise enters through the windows.

When it comes to fiberglass windows, compared to other types, they amaze with surprisingly thin profiles, which gives the impression of exceptional aesthetics and lightness.

Fiberglass composite is made of heat-resistant polyester resin and glass filaments, so it is chemically stable, resistant, fireproof, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. The structure of these windows does not react to extreme temperature in summer and winter, nor temperature variations. Frost resistance, durability, stability in operation, and a good combination with double glazing – all of these contribute to a better level of energy efficiency and the reduction of external noise.

Fiberglass windows are soundproof, and you can increase this characteristic by making sure that the glass is as thick as possible. Additionally, if you want large windows, but the street noise level is high, the glass surface should be divided into several smaller sections to block the noise as effectively as possible. Be sure to get all your options and search for an Anlin windows dealers near me for quick and reliable services.

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