In the past, exterior doors were made from fiberglass, wood or metal, but vinyl has recently made a successful entry, the doors made from the modern synthetic material being more and more popular these days. Vinyl entrance doors stand out not only with their affordability and the wide variety of styles, but with the safety and security they offer as well. Here is how your vinyl door will ensure the safety of your household:

Protection from the elements – the modern vinyl variety used today for manufacturing exterior doors is sturdy and rigid, ensuring that no beating from the elements can harm it. The strong material can stand up to harsh UV radiation, rain, snow, wind, hail and temperature extremes without changing shape or color. Many vinyl doors feature seamless designs to ensure that no water can make its way through;

Compatibility with various hardware solutions – vinyl doors are compatible with a wide variety of door hardware types, allowing homeowners to choose the hardware that gives the home the highest level of security;

Reinforced varieties are also available – vinyl doors come in varieties reinforced with steel for enhanced protection against burglary, vandalism as well as to other forms of intrusion. Find all your exterior door options at K & G Solutions for quality products and installation.

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