Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows for Your Home

Aug 22, 2019

Triple glazing a window means using three panes of glass, rather than two. This comes with a lot of benefits, such as increased thermal temperature inside by reducing heat loss, reducing noise pollution, improved durability, etc.

Benefits of a Triple-Glazed Window at Home

You might ask of the cost of the upgrade is worth it. Here are the benefits you must know before choosing an installer for triple glazed windows in Colorado.

Why choose triple glazed windows for your home? (Image Source: Pixabay)

High insulation to keep your home warm

Triple-Glazed windows provide an exceptional insulation performance to your home. This is extremely beneficial for homes regularly exposed to extreme weather. Also, they’re perfect for retrofitting older homes in cold climates.

When the temperature hits below zero, homeowners can count on their triple glazed glass to keep them warm and comfy indoors. This means they can help you save money on your monthly electricity bill. Thus, it helps to keep the heat inside your home much longer.

Low-E for Better Emissivity

Concerning the previous benefit that we have discussed, Low E glass means the windows allow natural light to enter the home. It adds to the beauty and natural look for your windows. This prevents heat from escaping, making it perfect for homes and buildings.

Low-E windows also help reflect heat. With better Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), the triple-glazed window keeps heat from the sun from entering the building. The levels for SGHC are expressed in 0 to 1. The lower the SGHC, the better the glass blocks unwanted light and heat.

A more rigid and durable choice

Since there are three layers of glass panes, a triple-glazed glass is extremely durable. They’re hurricane-resistant windows. It means that they’re harder to break, making your house a lot safer. This gives homeowners peace of mind, especially at night.

Soundproof for noise-free living

One of the most overlooked factors in choosing glass for the windows of your home is the “soundproof” characteristic of the glass. Energy Star doesn’t account this factor, yet many customers and homeowners need this feature for their windows.

Accordingly, triple-glazed windows are almost entirely sound-proof. Thus, if you’re living in high traffic areas and you hate outside noise, you will now be free from noise pollution. Also, you may want to keep your privacy indoors, then triple glazed is perfect for your windows.

There is also a vinyl type of triple-pane windows. They greatly reduce sound transmission using the insulated glass united between the glazings.

They reduce condensation on the glass, keeping your windows clear

The triple-glazed windows at your home can withstand condensation better than double glazed. When the surface temperature of the inside of the windowpane is below the dew point, condensation will occur on the glass. Dew point refers to the relationship between the temperature outside and relative humidity inside.

Triple-glazed windows have really good insulation value. This means that even if there is a high temperature on the glass’ interior glazing surface, vapor won’t be able to condense or frost on the surface. Eventually, this will keep your glass clear.

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What are the benefits of triple glazed windows? (Image Source: Pixabay)

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