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About 100 years ago, wood used to be the only material that window frames were made from. The market of window frame materials has considerably diversified since then, with lots of materials, including aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl, having entered the market, but wood still enjoys huge popularity. There is one thing that you should know about wood windows: they need your attention. Without proper maintenance, in the form of regular inspections to check for rot, cleaning to remove the debris that could capture moisture and harm the wood in your frames and without the application of protective coatings, wood windows tend to become damaged within a shorter time then synthetic or metal options. If this is what happened to your old windows, but the unparalleled appeal and the style that wood frames confer to your building are important for you, here are some arguments to choose from the wood range provided by Anderson:

-Wood treatments applied in the factory for superior durability and resistance – Andersen windows leave the factory treated with multiple layers of transparent coatings that protect the frames from the harmful action of moisture as well as from the damage that rodents and the sun’s ultraviolet radiations can do. These coatings ensure that your new Andersen wood windows will perform well for decades.

-Instant curb appeal – Andersen takes pride not only in the material quality of their windows, but also in the quality of their window designs. Their wood range is an exceptionally good example, a set of product lines with some of the most elegant, most attractive windows available today for your Thornton window replacement home or business project.

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