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Both Pella and Andersen windows represent a great choice for homeowners who want to purchase replacement windows, considering that they are leading brands in the industry. However, if it comes to deciding between the two of them, you will have to make a comparison based on several important factors.

In terms of variety, you should know that both brands produce windows made from almost the same materials: vinyl, aluminum-clad, wood and wood composites (Andersen), and vinyl, wood, wood composites, fiberglass, and aluminum (Pella). 

Although Andersen has a wide range of products, Pella has a wider offer. Pella is more focused on offering innovative and unique designs, while Andersen emphasizes quality and function when it comes to design.

A window replacement project is expensive, so the price can be another important aspect when you choose your brand. You will probably opt for Pella windows if you are on a budget, as they are significantly cheaper than Andersen windows. However, you may also want to know that the availability of Pella windows may be limited, at least compared to Andersen windows, because Andersen is a larger company and has a wider field of operation.

Both brands focus on durability and reliability so that you will get a great bang for your buck regardless of our final choice.

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