winter window condensation replacement needed

Windows are exposed to many things, the temperature being one of the most important factors that determine how long you can enjoy the beauty and protection provided by your windows. Low temperatures are known to affect building materials in many ways, many of those ways contributing directly to the shortened lifespan of the material in question. Here is how and why lower temperatures might increase the frequency of window replacement:

  • causing damage that cannot be repaired – low temperatures cause severe stress to most types of window materials, causing them to shrink and to become more brittle.
  • Air leaks – the window frames that have been affected by extreme cold no longer fit into the gap that they used to fit into so well. The result is air gaps through which cold air enters the room. In some cases the problem can be fixed with the help of some caulk, but in very severe situations, window replacement is the only solution;
  • The development of cracks – the window frames severely affected by low temperatures can develop cracks through which not only cold air anthers, but water as well. When that happens, you must start to prepare for getting your old and damaged windows ready for a Thornton window replacement project.

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