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When it comes to the practical advantages of buying fiberglass versus wood windows, fiberglass is the definite winner. Most experts agree that fiberglass windows are more resilient and require very little maintenance over time. They retain their seal better and they can also insulate your home more efficiently. But are fiberglass windows just as good when it comes to appearance and curb appeal?

Wood windows definitely have an impressive appeal. Their unique appearance, colors and texture will impress most homeowners and guests, and that alone can help increase the value of a home. Despite its many lacks, your wooden window will still keep you warm during the winter, and it can last for 20-30 years without much difficulty.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, might be more or less indestructible, but it features fewer color and design options, and it can be considered “less interesting” from the design perspective. Moreover, fiberglass windows are more expensive and should not be painted. So, if the color fades over time, your options are somewhat limited.

Overall, it can be said that fiberglass windows can hold their own in terms of their practical benefits, but wood is definitely the best choice when you’re solely focusing on aesthetic appearance and when the long term resilience of your windows is not that relevant. Consider Pella replacement windows as they are some of the best and long lasting.

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