What set's our windows apart from others?

We offer doors with matching side windows

 Get the benefit of both efficiency and appearance. 100% maintenance free.  The best windows, siding and roofing options in Denver, Colorado. 

Beautiful Custom Front Doors

This is K and G Solutions exclusive and private line. NO other window dealer in the state of Colorado has access to this specific line! K and G Solutions is the only company that can offer it!

Your entrance to your home should look clean and welcoming. And we offer the best!

Safe and efficient storm doors

 From top to bottom we offer top of the line quality for your home.  We only use the best doors and other products for your home.

We don't hike up the prices to make a quick buck. We run our business with honor and integrity...and it shows through our craftsmanship!

energy efficient doors

What are they? What are the benefits of efficient doors?


  • Eliminate drafts – keep warm air in and your family healthy
  • Protect your home – special glass coating filters out damaging UV rays from the sun
  • Energy efficient doors can help you save up to 15% on your energy bills through effective door insulation

If you decide that the time has come for you to replace your old doors with new energy efficient ones, make sure you talk to K and G Solutions to help guide you in your purchase.