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Anlin Windows & Doors is an excellent choice if you are looking for replacement patio doors for your home. This manufacturer is known as highly reliable, it has an excellent reputation and has been a leader in the industry for more than 30 years.

If you need high-quality patio doors to keep you safe, Anlin might be the correct answer.

You can choose from sliding patio doors and swinging french doors. Products in both categories can have different configurations:

Sliding patio doors

• XO Sliding / Fixed
• OX Fixed / Sliding
• XOO Sliding / Fixed / Fixed
• OOX Fixed / Fixed / Sliding,
• OXO Fixed / Sliding / Fixed
• OXXO Fixed / Sliding / Sliding / Fixed

Swinging French Doors

• X Swing
• XO Swing / Fixed
• OX Fixed / Swing
• XX Swing / Swing
• OXO Fixed / Swing / Fixed
• OXXO Fixed / Swing / Swing / Fixed

Anlin doors are provided with heavy-duty locking hooks that lock the door at the jamb or 3-point locking systems, activating three solid metal posts, plus a deadbolt. All Anlin windows and doors products ensure a high level of security and provide lifetime savings and comfort, being backed by the best warranties in the industry (if you sell your home in the meantime, the coverage can be transferred to the next owner!).

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