wood windows vs vinyl solutions

Wood used to be the only material available for making windows for hundreds of years and it is still the most traditional option that provides unique elegance and style. If you are currently looking for a window replacement solution and you love the timeless elegance off wood, here are somethings that you should know about how wood windows hold up against other options:

  • Solid wood compared to other options – solid wood windows are surely the most elegant solutions of them all, but they are also the most expensive options. Modern wood windows are manufactured with technologies that prolong the life span of the natural material, making it as long lived has the other material options including synthetic ones. The other features that make solid wood windows stand out are customizability and extraordinary insulation capabilities;
  • Clad wood – this option works best for those who are looking for the energy efficiency of natural wood, but who are also concerned about the high maintenance needs off the material. Clad wood windows are practically frames that consist of a wood core that is protected with some kind of more durable material, fibreglass or aluminium for superior durability. The solution stands out with its energy-efficiency, durability and low maintenance requirements. Take a look at some of your window options at https://kgsolutionsllc.com/windows/ .

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