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Wood and fiberglass are the two most common, most popular materials used for manufacturing window frames. The two materials are each other’s rivals in terms of popularity, but the features they offer are quite different – here are some of the most important qualities of each of them:

  • Cost – in terms of the expenses involved, wood windows are usually much more expensive than synthetic options, including fibreglass;
  • Durability and resistance – fibreglass is a synthetic material that combines the strength of shredded glass and of synthetic resins, a combination that makes the option one of the most durable and most resistant ones available today. Wooden windows offer slightly less strength and durability, being the preferred solution for geographical areas in which the windows do not need to take so much beating from the elements;
  • energy efficiency – the two materials are very similar in terms of the energy savings they ensure, both of them being very efficient;
  • Maintenance – wood is a natural material that needs more attention than synthetic options such as fibreglass. The only maintenance that fibreglass windows need is an occasional cleaning with some soap water. Wood windows, on the other hand, need regular inspections and the application of coatings to prevent pest attacks as well as damage caused by the weather, such as cracking. So when you are ready look for windows replacement windows near me and get your window project complete.

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