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The range of wooden windows available on the market today is very wide. Modern solutions have many features, as do the old fashioned, classic, simple frames. Here are some of the differences between old fashioned solutions and Pella’s take on wooden frames:

  • The material used to make the frames – conventional, old fashioned wooden frames are usually made from untreated wood material, very often from a variety of soft wood. Pella’s wooden windows, on the other hand, are made from the finest wood material available, usually hard varieties resistant to moisture. Pella Lifestyle also ensures superior durability with their products. In the case of wooden frames the methods used to improve their durability are the application of special treatments and coatings.
  • Design – most old fashioned frame types come in a limited range of styles and designs, unlike Pella windows that come in several product ranges and a variety of stars and types, including custom designs.
  • Warranty – you might be able to find wooden windows that are cheaper than the range offered by Pella, but the manufacturer takes pride in the stellar warranty offered with their products. If you calculate how the higher price relates to the longer life span, you will see that the price to value ratio offered by Pella is truly outstanding.

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