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Anlin Windows and Doors

Offering Exceptional Quality, Safety, Service, and Design Through:

Energy Efficient Windows And Doors
High Tech Security Glass
Noise Reduction And Insulation

Anlin XTRU is the clear leader in window and door technology. Anlin’s proprietary Titanium Dioxide Infused Vinyl Extrusion, which is architecturally designed for superior strength, durability, and energy efficiency, has received certification from ASTM D4726 and AAMA 303-19. Anlin XTRU’s unique designs are cutting edge and have allowed the development of window and door products that will be a great addition to your home.

Anlin’s windows and doors are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, 200,000 square foot facility located in Corona, California. Their commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of the business, from the design and engineering of our products to the way we manufacture and ship them. Their windows and doors are backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Anlin XTRU, with air-tight fusion welded corners, provides combined features that surpass wood, fiberglass and metal in overall performance and longevity. Anlin Windows & Doors has been providing homeowners with exceptional quality, safety, service, and design for over 20 years. As an authorized Anlin dealer, we are proud to offer many options for your home.

Anlin Window Types & Options

Anlin DM/DME Series
Single Slider
Single Hung
End Vent Slider
Single Hung/Picture/Single Hung
Picture Over Slider

Anlin COR Series
Double Slider
Double Hung

Premium Features Include:

XTRU Architectural Frame with Foam Insulation
Anlin’s XTRU formula, which is a new design with particular thermal values. Anlin Comfort Core low-conductance green foam is placed in certain dead air chambers in window frames. Save money and use less energy with this feature! This way, you can enjoy beauty and energy efficiency in your home.

High Quality Smooth Operation
The Anlin DMS is a high-quality roller and a constant-force stainless steel balance system that ensures smooth movement of sliding and hanging windows. Rollers with precision bearings and stainless steel axles ensure that windows glide effortlessly for a lifetime of smooth operation.

Weather-Tight Seal
This comes with an Anlin antimicrobial triple-fin weatherstrip that includes four barriers of filler to form a weatherproof seal, which blocks wind, dirt, germs, dampness, and noise, for even extreme environments. Garden windows will stay sealed while you enjoy the beautiful view outside!

Heavy-Duty Screen Frame with Antimicrobial Mesh & Watershed Coating
The Anlin screens are antimicrobial-treated, resulting in clearer viewing, improved air flow, insect protection, and water management. The built-in pull rail on the Anlin Aluma-Force heavy-duty screen frame ensures long life by using thick walls of extruded aluminum.

Sound Package
The AR-04’s sound system, from the in-ceiling speaker to the external subwoofer and sound dampening, is designed for ultimate noise reduction. The glass varies in thickness, which reduces bounce and vibrations while argon gas dampens sound waves. Don’t let exterior noise keep you away from your ideal residence.

Security and Fiberglass Reinforcement
Certain window operating styles will look great but lack the security you need. With our products, all lock hardware is attached to fiberglass reinforcement and a continuous interlocking rail prevents “jimmying” or access to the lock. All windows and doors are subjected to the most stringent forced entry resistance test. Anlin Inner Core, ultra-rigid fiberglass-reinforced inserts, provides superior insulation and strength.

Pet Doors
Anlin offers sliding barn doors and swinging French doors with an in-glass pet door built right into the glass. Even when the closure panel of the AnlinPet Doors is inserted and latched, sliding doors can be opened fully because to the tiny form of the AnlinPet Doors. AnlinPet Doors are available in four sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Need replacement windows, patio doors, geometric windows, bay view windows, panoramic windows, casement windows, top vinyl replacement windows, or other window styles? K&G Solutions is here to help! Add different features to customize your purchase and complete your home improvement project! With sleek contemporary styles, different locks, pet door options, frames, door handles, and more door and window products to choose from, your Anlin addition can be customized to your specific window operating styles.

We are the Denver metro area’s premier Anlin Window Dealer. Download the Anlin brochure to learn more, or call us today to see how Anlin windows and doors can be added to your home.

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