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Vinyl can be a great material for your Brighton window replacement project for several very good reasons. These windows have frames which are made of vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This material is frequently used on pipes and flooring, but also in nice-looking, time-resistant windows. Due to the fact that vinyl is a polymer, we should add here the fact that each manufacturer uses a different mixture of ingredients in order to make this material more powerful and highly resistant to UV light.

Vinyl is resistant to outside weather; no matter if it is raining, snowing, or the temperatures are excessively high. This amazing material does not warp, rust, develop mold or algae, and so on. Moreover, it is durable, being able to last for more than 20 years. Therefore, it is an excellent investment. 

Another good thing about vinyl windows is that they are soundproof. This can greatly improve your quality of life, especially if you live in a noisy area with lots of traffic, and so on. And let us not forget the fact that vinyl is very easy to clean and to keep in a good state. All you need is a little bit of water and detergent.

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