The Anatomy of Soundproof Windows at Your Home and Your DIY Options to Make One

Dec 12, 2019

Continued exposure to outside noise can cause a lot of negative effects on overall health. This ranges from fatigue, stress, productivity losses in the workplace, poor concentration, and lack of sleep. These conditions can lead to more serious health problems like cognitive impairment, tinnitus, and even cardiovascular disease.

Research shows that 90% of the noise enters through the windows. This is where the benefits of soundproof windows become evident and make them a good investment. But how do soundproof windows work? We will also discuss some of the top DIY options that you can make.

The Rationale Behind Using Soundproof Windows at Your Home

Why do you need to install soundproof windows? (Image Source: Pixabay)

Outside noise can be caused by lots of things; highway noise, neighbors, HVAC machinery, barking dogs, etc. Soundproof windows work by reducing these noises, blocking 90% to 95% of noise coming through the windows.

Low frequency sounds like the sound of garbage trucks passing through and grinding trash, are pretty hard to block. High-frequency sounds like a bird chirping, music, etc. can be easily blocked.

The sound blocking capabilities of these windows are rated using Sound Transmission Class (STC) scale; the higher the rating, the better the ability of the window to inhibit a sound. An average single-pane window has an STC rating of 18 to 20.

Dual-pane windows have 28 to 32 STC. Specially designed soundproof windows like the double-pane glass windows, on the other hand, can go from 45 to 50 STC.

The Composition of a Soundproof Window

Three basic things make up a soundproof window:

  • Mass (thicker glass)
  • Air space (an increase of distance between window panes)
  • Use of laminated glass (glass – plastic – glass sandwich combination greatly reduces noise)

Most of this type of window uses multiple glass layers with air gaps in between. They typically replace the existing windows. They’re also well-designed to fit the aesthetics of your home.

The downside of this though is, they can be expensive. Also, they require the services of contractors to install them efficiently.

Your DIY Options

If you’re not ready to invest in a soundproof window, then you can opt for cheaper options. Fortunately for you, there are a couple of good choices out there. You can use a seal kit and sound barrier.

Soundproof Seal Kits

Seal kits can be easily installed in your existing window. They come with magnets to mount to the surface of the window trim, while some are installed between window jambs.

Many kits in the market provide both acoustic and thermal insulation. Furthermore, they are removable, easy to clean and maintain.

Sound Barrier

Sound barriers can be specifically manufactured for your window. It’s made up of a clear vinyl panel and is installed in windows using Velcro. It must be installed properly to make a good seal and air gap.

There are a couple of downsides with this though. First, it doesn’t work with all types of windows. Second, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing.

Install Soundproof Windows for Your Home!

Top reasons to choose soundproof windows. (Image Source: Pixabay)

The best option is still to replace old windows with new soundproof ones. K & G solutions provide a wide range of beautiful, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions for your home’s soundproofing needs.

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