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In order to make sure that your installation of stunning wood frame windows goes off without a hitch, you firstly have to take out the windows that are already in place and carefully measure the space the windows will take up. It is crucial that these measurements be made very precise, because if they are not you will end up with windows that don’t fit their frame. That’s why it is best to do these measurements with highly precise equipment, or hire window replacement Broomfield experts to do the job. Also, in order to avoid any injuries, make sure to take out the glass first.

The next step in installing your new wood frame windows is to clean everything very thoroughly. That’s because the hinges have to be greased up in order for them to work properly. Also, it is a very good idea to strip any old paint or gunk build up. Paint or any other substance can build up on the frame and can make the windows askew. You don’t want to have to take them down once they are already in place. Also, make sure that the glass is secured in place. Accidents can happen and a window breaking can lead to some very serious injuries.   

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