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Like any material used for making window frames, fiberglass comes with a set of positive and negative features you should know about before choosing it over other options. Here is what to expect:

-Durability – fiberglass is definitely one of the most resistant and durable materials that window frames are made from today. The material makes the most of the strength and durability of shredded glass as well as of the excellent physical and chemical qualities of synthetic resins. The result is a material that can last for 30 or 40 years when used in window frames.

-Energy efficiency – fiberglass is also a material that does not shrink or expand as a reaction to temperature changes. This means that the frames made from the material continue to seal, whether they are exposed to heat or to cold.

-Price – fiberglass windows are not the most expensive on the market today, but they are not the cheapest either. Prices are second in line after vinyl, the most affordable option, making them a great window replacement Broomfield home choice.

-Limited designs – the range of colors, textures, and styles is limited with fiberglass. The material is available in black, white, and a couple of other hues and textures that mimic natural wood.

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