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Anlin windows are a great innovation, both in terms of functionality and from the aesthetic point of view. These windows offer amazing energy efficiency, which makes it possible for most homeowners to save money on utility bills. During the production, delivery and installation process for Anlin windows, what this company does is use a protective film both in the interior, and in the exterior part of windows and doors. When the installation process is finished, this protective film can be easily peeled off.

Moreover, Anlin windows typically come with lifetime warranty. This warranty actually stands for one of the best types which can be found in the industry. This amazing warranty typically covers for repairs, for the entire period during which the homeowners actually live inside that house. The exact things that this warranty covers include hardware, screen, glass, breakage, insulation, freight, and so on. And in case customers decide to sell their house, the warranty can get transferred to the next owner.

The steps include a visit from the part of the representative, in order to take measurements. Then permits and paperwork are taken care of, and after that, products arrive at your indicated location. Then you can schedule your installation date, after which the installers can come.

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