Although soundproof windows won’t be able to absolutely eliminate all sounds, there are a number of other things you can do to make your home more secure. Loud, obnoxious noises can be heard almost everywhere. Unwanted noises can be heard in homes near a busy neighborhood, highway, construction zone, or noisy dogs. Noise-reducing windows reduce the amount of annoying, unnecessary noise that enters your residence. While no window is fully soundproof, there are a few things you can do to increase your home’s sound tolerance. More residents are searching for solutions to build a peaceful atmosphere in their homes as neighborhoods get noisier and noise pollution rises.


Noises can fly through the air or through materials in different forms. They’re calculated in two ways: STC (Sound Transmission Class) and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class) (OITC). STC ratings of about 26 are common in today’s regular insulating windows. Two 3mm glass panes are used in these dual-pane windows. There are more layers of insulation created by installing more window panes, which serves to dampen outside sounds.

Noise-reducing windows reduce noise by slowing the transmission of sound waves, making them seem softer. Sound waves may be absorbed, mirrored, or diluted as they pass through various surfaces. This can be accomplished through windows by maximizing the air room, mixing glass thicknesses, or incorporating extra panes of glass.

The method of selecting these various features for a window is crucial to sound reduction efficiency. Using high-quality components that we offer, such as lab-tested window weather-stripping, is also a tried and true method of ensuring proper results. However, noise control requires more than just window functionality.

Installation is one of the most critical aspects of window efficiency. Proper installation guarantees airtight seals while still keeping noise at bay which is why we have the best of the best, and most precise installers working for K and G. From selecting window features to ensuring proper installation, we’ve got you covered.

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