“Composite” is a term that denotes the combination of two or more constituent materials of very different physical and chemical features that form a material that has its own unique set of qualities. When used for describing window frame materials, the term can be used to denote two different material types: either a combination of timber and aluminum or the combination of fiberglass and synthetic resins to create a blend that stands out in many ways. Here are some of the Brighton window replacement benefits provided by both types of composite exterior frames:

  • Longevity – composite frames are among the hardiest options available today. Composite frames can last for at least four decades and can endure a lot without becoming deformed or damaged;
  • Resistance to the elements – composite windows can withstand not only heavy rain and harsh sunshine, but prolonged heat and cold, wide temperature variations within a short time and impact;
  • Versatile design options – composite materials are suitable for executing almost any design. Their strength makes it possible to create window frames that are large, but thin as well. Composite windows also come in many color variants and in versions that mimic the appearance of natural wood;
  • Low maintenance – composite windows need hardly any maintenance, other than occasional cleaning.

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