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Colorado is special in many ways, including its geography and its climate – two features that determine many choices when it comes to building upgrades, especially window replacement. The altitude and the climate in the particular area where the replacement is needed will have an impact on how the windows work, how efficiently they insulate the home and how long they can be kept. Fortunately, the best window manufacturers, such as Pella, are aware of the challenges posed by various climate zones and they offer suitable solutions even for difficult climate zones, such as Colorado. Here are the Pella replacement windows to choose for your Colorado home:

  • The features to consider – ideally, your replacement windows need to be made from a very strong material that does not shrink and expand when the temperature changes, that will never rot, warp or crack and that can last for decades even among the harsh climate conditions that are so typical for Colorado;
  • Fiberglass fits the bill – one of the materials that matches the description is fiberglass, a lightweight and extremely durable material made from the combination of shredded glass and various resins. Pella’s Impervia range uses fiberglass of the highest quality and includes a wide selection of window types and styles. If you take a look at Impervia windows and you feel overwhelmed by a variety, don’t worry, the manufacturer offers a window selector tool on their website that you can use to configure the products you need. For a wonderful selection on windows and installation services see

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