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While shopping for Pella windows to install in your Colorado home, you will surely come across a variety of materials, including composite windows. The solution is becoming increasingly popular in the Centennial state, so here are some features that you should know about before choosing the option:

  • what is composite material when the term is used for windows – composite windows are solutions that combine the best features of wood and aluminium. Made from timber clad in aluminium, composite windows use the best qualities off natural wood as well as off strong and versatile metal;
  • Durability – composite windows have been developed to create a material that ensures the benefits of wood, while also increasing the durability of the structure made from the material. Composite windows are stronger and more durable than wood windows would be on their own, the quality extending the range of application to all kinds of climate zones;
  • Energy efficiency – while metal is a poor insulator, the wood in the composition of the material is there to ensure superior energy savings. Composite windows provide great thermal performance the entire year round, preventing the heated air from escaping from your rooms in winter and preventing the summer heat from entering your home in summer.

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